Electricity is managed different between houses

1: 10 % of rent
In this houses that makes out about 90% off property’s
The owner/agent refunds 10% of all the rent received for the specific month to the property. That includes the 10% paid by bursary students as part of their monthly expense.
Different months the properties gets charged different tariffs by Centlec (We have no control over this.)
We also have winter and summer tariffs, you could ignore this information and not take the time to go through the links that given below.
We also have a few links on how to save electricity, please assist us to help you guys. You can thank us later.

2: Electricity Included in rent
In this properties the owner pay the total electricity bill, but rooms have separate prepaid meters for the plug. The electricity for the rooms is available from Spar, ATM, your internet banking. It can also be bought from Let It management, but because we don’t work with cash, you would have to transfer the funds, once we receive it. It can be bought and send to you. IF you put cash into our account that cash handling fees will be added onto your account.

In some houses the tenants have to purchase a R100 electricity for the house I order the get a R100 coupon for their room. Thus students wasting electricity will more often effect their own budget and not the budget of the whole household.


Water is included in the rent, and because water is a “ basic need “ we probably will never cut it off if we go over the threshold of 7.5 % of monthly expense. But we might cut other expenses such as Wi fi, Pay tv, Cleaning services and electricity to make up for excessive use. Because we do get students/people wasting allot of water through excessive washing and showering. We have decided to introduce the new washing machine token system. It’s still in the testing period, but I believe it will help all to understand the need better to save water and electricity.

Washing tokens (Developmental phase)

Each student will receive tokens to do laundry washing at his/her specific property. The value of each token would be R10 and would be enough to do one full loud. If the tokens received by student is finished, he or she would be able to buy more tokens from electricity vendors in the area. But make sure that the tokens don’t exceed R10 in value. If you buy bigger tokens and units are left on the machine it will not be refunded.

Tenants will only qualify for the tokens if they adhere to the rules of Let it management when it comes to paying in time and paying the correct amounts. Tokens will be given to students from the 15 th of every month. The reason is that it gives us enough time to check who paid in time and if your account is up to date. No tenant will receive any token from us with any amount in arears or late payments.\

We will give tokens as follows:

Rent per month between:
R1600 and R2000  5 tokens
R2001 to R2500 6 tokens
R2501 to R3000 7 tokens
R3001 and up 8 Tokens


Let It management can never be held responsible for any loss of units on any electric meter or
If any amount off electricity is still left on the metering mechanism.